What do we do?

We come together to Worship and praise God on a Sunday at several different types of service, please check out the services page to see what sort of meetings we have and what to expect.

What else do we do?

Home Groups 

There are eight Home Groups that meet in homes during the week, some daytime and most in the evening, for fellowship, Bible study and prayer. They often follow a planned teaching series and there is plenty of scope to pursue any matters that individuals would like to raise. Contact John Ritson on 01959 928752 for details of the Groups. 

Bible study sessions

Fortnightly -hour long sessions to dissect and discuss passages from the bible, led by our minister John Ritson. These are held in the halls, rooms 1 & 2, click here for more information.

Coffee Drop In 

This happens every Friday from 10.00am-12.00pm in the lounge of the Church Halls. There is a very friendly and informal atmosphere as people come and go, enjoying “Fairtrade” Coffee and the opportunity to chat to others. Do come for as long or short as you wish. Click for more.

Christian Bookstall 

This is available on some Sundays after the 10.30am service while we are enjoying coffee.

Traidcraft Stall 

Available some Sundays after morning service and at special events. We support the principles of Fairtrade and believe this is a small way of making a difference for particular communities in the third world. Do come and buy.

Alpha Courses 

We have regularly held Alpha Courses since 1995. This is a course produced by the Holy Trinity Brompton Church in London, and consists of 10 weekly sessions in an informal setting with a meal, plus a day away. It looks at the basics of the Christian Faith and is suitable for both those seeking to find out more, and those who want to understand their faith better. For more information please call Ann Suaznabar on 01732 762872. Click here for more info or Check it out on the Alpha web-site

Marriage Course 

A seven week course for couples seeking to strengthen their marriage. After a meal together couples watch video material and discuss it with each other (not in a larger group). Contact Mike Harris on 01959 525159.

Spring Harvest 

We have regularly taken a group to Spring Harvest, a national Christian Festival for all ages at Minehead. See for more details.

Parenting Course

We offer these 6-8 week courses to help people with either primary aged children or secondary aged children.

Light Your Life 

A Relationship Breakdown Recovery Programme run by one of our Church Members. Confidential help from a Christian based organization seeking to support men and women who have experienced relationship, marital or family breakdown. Contact Carolyn Knight for more details on 01732 743056 or e-mail