Bible Marathon

Bible reading marathon

As part of our celebration and thanks for our new church building, we plan to read the Bible from cover to cover to honour and glorify God through the reading of His Holy Word. We want to publicly declare our belief that God's word is a vital and vibrant source of nourishment and teaching for every Christian and has an essential and relevant message for the 21st Century. Opening our new building by reading God's word from cover to cover is a public affirmation of that belief and purpose for the future.

We invite everyone to take part in our Bible Reading Marathon. It will start on Sunday 29th October  in the new building after the morning service and continue until Thursday 2nd November, finishing sometime in the afternoon. We will read from 6 am to midnight each day.

Readers are asked to read for 10 minutes each but it may be helpful for 2 people to share an hour of reading together.

Please don’t worry about saying a word or a name incorrectly, it does not matter!

Please use the form on this link to book a slot. Thank you.